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Women‘s Pleasure Retreat

Next Retreat Date   27.06. -02.07.24

At our pleasure retreats for women, we go beyond conventional wellness experiences. We offer a transformative personal journey that combines expert education on female anatomy, self-love practices, intimate sharing circles and nature adventures.


What sets us apart is our commitment to creating a safer and sacred space where women can explore their bodies, embrace their sensuality, and cultivate a deeper connection with themselves.


Our unique blend of education, embodied practices, supportive community and connecting to nature fosters genuine self-discovery and empowers women to reclaim and celebrate their pleasure in a way that transcends societal taboos.


Join us on a journey of liberation, where empowerment meets pleasure, and self-love becomes a profound and transformative experience.



  • 6 Days and 5 Nights Retreat


  • Exclusive Accommodation 

  • 4 Online Group Sessions  

  • Experienced and certified teachers

  • Private Chef 

  • Daily delicious, freshly cooked meals

  • Breath work, yoga  & journaling

  • Nature Adventures

  • Closing Fire ceremony

  •  Tranquil and luxurious retreat space

  • Garden, pool and sauna

  • Free access to wifi

  • Private parking area

  • 15 mins by car to the beach



  • Flights to and from Tenerife

  • Airport Transfers


  • Travel Insurance

Quote by Dr. Betty Dodson, Creator of Bodysex® and Author of 'Sex for One'

Our retreat center is situated in the sub-tropical surroundings in the north of Tenerife and will be hosted by Anna and Céline, who are certified Bodysex® practitioners.

This 6 days retreat is for every woman, who aims at stepping into her sexual power and opening up to the experience of an orgasmic and fulfilled life. Every woman heals herself through the Bodysex® rituals, sharing in the circle and self pleasure.

The retreat is designed for women to connect to their bodies and fully move into experiencing pleasure. The days will be structured with gentle morning with nourishing meals, the Bodysex Method during the day and relaxation and integration during the afternoons.

Bodysex® is a process of self-knowledge empowering women to understand their bodies and their sexuality. To embrace the full capacity of pleasure, women need basic information about their sexual anatomy and claim their bodies for their own pleasure. Anna and Céline create a consensual enviroment full of compassion and support.

You are welcome into this circle of sisterhood if you are a vulva-owner and identify as woman or non-binary. We will do our best ensure that everyone feels safe and supported. You’re welcome no matter your sex at birth, age, sexual orientation, race, or country of origin. Please reach out to us if you’re unclear about what this means, unsure if you will feel safe enough or simply have questions.



The workshops that Anna offers is something that was absolutely missing in this market. Thank you for that...!

Personally it was such a great experience to look at sexuality from a completely different angle and to get to know it in a new way, so to speak, and thereby to come into such a pleasant, peaceful and enriching way of life for my whole life, which I have never felt like this before ...

Johanna Effenberger @johannaeffenberger

I've only watched the wonderful episode on GOOP about Betty Dodson‘s Bodysex Method when I meet Anna. Her soft personality helped me a lot to feel comfortable and get curious about the way I see, feel and experience my body. I truely hope that every women can find this information and have a better understanding of their needs. Anna is a great teacher and the guidelines and explanations she gives are really helpful. I highly recommend her as an expert. I felt safe and comfortable in her workshops. 

Elitsa Ivanova @eliyogatenerifenorte

angelika by wirliebe jacqueline korber41_klein.jpg

I think bodysex is great!  The rituals are super inspiring and above all enriching for my own sexuality. At first, it is definitely a bit of a thrill to show yourself in a intimate and also vulnerable way but since the space for it is held lovingly by Anna, it was completely normal within a short period of time.

Anna is unbelievable approachable like a big sister.  By sharing her own story she not only took away my initial shyness but also by demonstrating the rituals and imparting her knowledge she gave me new inspiration for my own sexuality to be more loving and mindful again. I am deeply grateful to know her!

Angelika Datzberger

What's special about our retreats?

Immerse yourself into an abundant, orgasmic and transformative experience on a magnificent island in-midst of the Atlantic Ocean.

Anna Scheer and Céline Manon are certified Bodysex® practioners, who have a holistic approach and are supporting you through the entire process of this life changing experience.

You’re welcome no matter your sex at birth, age, sexual orientation, race, or country of origin.

Please reach out to us if you are unclear about what this means, unsure if you will feel safe enough or simply have questions.

If you need any assistance or information about our offers, please book a complimentary call!

Let this journey be about your pleasure.

We are very excited to welcome you!

Love and Bliss,

Anna Scheer and Cèline Manon

Tenerife - Island of eternal spring


Imagine an island where volcanoes idle but have left their mark in giant peaks and cliffs, and on the black sand on Tenerife’s beaches.

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