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One-on-one coaching

Book your online or live one-on-one coaching with Anna

One-on-one coaching sessions with Anna are focused on your sexual history and what you wish your sexual life to be in the future. Each session takes 60 minutes and costs 100€. You can do these sessions comfortably from your home or live with me in Tenerife or Vienna, depending on your preference. 

We will start with an educational session by introducing the female anatomy and its correspondence with the female model of sexual responds. 

You can choose to do a online bodysex® coaching in which I would guide you through the Bodysex® rituals. These are 5 sessions in which you establish a positive relationship to your body and genitals and learn "how to" move into your pleasure by taking full authorship over your body.

Sign-up for Bodysex® coaching session. This includes 5 coaching sessions each 60 minutes. Send me your sex essay and transfer via credit card 500€. As soon as I receive your sex essay and the payment we will schedule your first coaching session. 

One on one Bodysex® coaching session include:

  • Introduction to the female anatomy & female model of sexual response

  • Selflove rituals for your daily use including breath work, breast massage and vulva massage

  • Betty Dodson‘s Bodysex® Method

  • Education about vulva styles, internal clitoris, vaginal penetration & pelvic floor muscle

  • Genital Show and Tell: I will guide you as you view your vulva

  • Betty Dodson's Rock n Roll Technique

  • How to Use Fantasy to Increase Your Pleasure  

  • 24hr access to my educational videos and audios

  • Inspirational links to a range of high quality erotica, sex-positive porn and podcasts, articles and books

  • You‘ll be invited to join our monthly "Erotic Recess" sessions hosted by Carlin Ross and attended other Bodysex practitioners

Write Your Sex Essay

The first step of your Bodysex® experience is to write your sex essay.  We rarely talk about our sexual past but without framing our past we can't understand our present or create our future.  

Write a few paragraphs answering the following questions:


  • Your religious upbringing and your parents attitude towards sex

  • Your first memory of masturbation

  • Your first partner sex

  • Your current sex life

  • Your sex goal - what you desire

Then you'll email the sex essay to me directly and we'll talk through it during our first video chat.

Read through the sex feature articles below.  You'll gain a better understanding of the female model of sexual response, try the techniques at home an

Here are links to interesting articles about Bodysex® and sexual pleasure:


Choose one of the following payment options

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