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  • Anna Scheer

Cultivating an orgasmic lifestyle

Updated: Nov 21, 2022

Here I share my experience on how to create a passionate and orgasmic lifestyle. So you can soon be on this delicious and radical route towards a life filled with pleasurable moments.

You can cultivate your orgasmic lifestyle by knowing what activities you are craving for most. In this blog you will get insights into why it is so important to schedule "me-time" and how selfcare routines lift your overall life experience.

You can start by becoming present with what you are doing right now. When you focus all your energy on what you are doing right in this moment and don't think about the next three things you should or will be doing, then you are already stepping into practicing selfcare.

By deliberatly designating time slots for selfcare into your daily schedules will lift your spirit and support you during activities you don‘t enjoy as much.

You will start to feel deeply nourished by taking time for yourself and things you love to do.

For your life to develop into an orgasmic lifestyle it is essential to re-structure your schedule. The first thing in your orgasmic agenda is selfcare! You are unique and know how to make each week fit in with your needs and desires. There is no right and wrong. What’s important when doing your weekly schedule is that you designate enough time for all the different elements that you need to cover in a week but spread in a way that you still have enough space for taking time out just for yourself. And to make sure you do the things you love. Now there should be nothing in the way of leading an orgasmic life.

How can we give with open hands, when we do not look after our own needs. And even if we can, won’t we be empty handed in the end.

Deciding against a compromise when it boils down to giving away your "me-time"

I was never good at remembering the word "compromise" from very young age onwards. A compromise was mostly not the best solution for everyone and it meant I didn‘t get what I really wanted. We couldn’t come up with a better solution and therefore found a compromise. There are other concepts for making agreements in relationships, for example by articulating the "unacceptable" first. Saying what is it that you feel you don’t want to do or you can’t bear even the thinking about it. And what the other person wants and feels that has to happen? How can both of you look for new solutions which are rooted in going for the optimum choice for both of you. Barbara Carrellas coined the term „Radical Acceptance“ for this concept of making decisions.

„Radical Acceptance goes beyond simply accepting that things are the way they are. Radically Acceptance practiced at its highest level - and this is the radical part - means enthusiastically embracing the way things are as an opportunity for finding infinitely more creative and ecstatic possibilities. Often „finding a compromise“ means that no one is happy with the result, but agrres they can ive with it.“

Her concept demonstrates how to radically accept how we feel about certain things and how not to change and go out of our way to facilitate for others. Instead to find solutions which are creative and introduce new possibilities that makes us and our relationships thrive.

An uncompromising and orgasmic lifestyle refers to taking yourself first, which can sound self-absorbed especially for women, who are being taught to be care and supply others.

Taking yourself first is a game changer, for yourself and even others, who will actually benefit from you living the life you choose. We are not taught how important it is to nourish our mind, body and soul. But we have been taught that taking time for ourselves c will be seen as selfish and providing for others is fullfilling.

Deciding to take your needs first is to say yes to what you want.

Creating a moment for yourself which makes you feel ecstatic about life, nourished by the atmosphere which you are surrounded by. Yes, you can also share this time with lovers or friends, who enrich those precious moments by their presence. Making your wellbeing a priority is taking a huge leap into a totally new life adventure. And knowing you can do that without giving yourself a hard time afterwards. Instead of choosing to do the one thing that fits into everything else that you are providing for others.

These can be little things like going for a walk in a place you love at a time of day where you know the light will be mesmerizing. Enjoying a naked dip in the sea, lake or a river for those qho have a natural water source nearby. Sitting quietly under a tree and listening to the birds.

Experiencing life in a state of feeling orgasmic

Yes! Best case from the start of the day into the night.

How does orgasmic energy make us feel?

When we inhale deeply and feel how our chest lifts up and our lungs fill up with fresh air. As we exhale the air through our mouth, adding a soft sigh and feeling our weight drop into the ground as our belly softens. As simple as breathing we can embrace feeling relaxed and awake in our mind and body by consciously choosing to connect to ourselves. Smiling to us and touching our warm body and simply inhaling and exhaling. Nurishing our body with food we love to cook, smell, touch and taste.

Following our intuition as a form of navigation to engange in activities we enjoy right in that moment. If we do things we love then we are content and passionate about what we do.

Orgasmic energy can be sexual as much as creative. Both art and sex are vessels through which we can find expression for our individual flavours. Artist are creators of all kinds of things: performances, paintings, movies, theatre plays and magical tricks. Sexuality is an adult game for experimentation of who we are, who we want to be and things we want t experience through our body. It’s a versatile world which provides us with freedom and space for lifelong exploration.

At the beginning of all sexuality is masturbation- our introduction to our own sexuality. Masturbation is the fundament of all human sexuality.

This is were all our journeys into the realm of sexuality started, already in the womb of our mother. It is very normal for children to touch themselves because it feels nice and exciting. From our environment we are being told not to touch our genitals and religions stigmatise our natural urge to touch and enjoy our bodies.

My teacher Carlin Ross says: „The more me touch, the more we feel“.

When we touch we direct our focus to that bodypart and our nerve endings start to built a more dense network. If you don’t feel anything just keep touching and see what does feel good to your body and follow that touch. Keep on touching yourself. You didn’t learn to walk on day one. See what feels best to you in that moment.

You are the expert of your pleasure. You know best what gives you pleasure.

When you try something new and it doesn’t work for your return to your known technique. Orgasms can create life. That’s very powerful. We all wouldn’t be here, if it wouldn’t be for an orgasm or unleast people having sex. Wouldn’t it be great if we all came through mind-blowing fullbody orgasms!

Scheduling "me-time" into almost every day is how i structure my weeks, months and in a matter of fact life. Just so you know I have been a single mother for about 6 years. Right now I‘ married and mother of a teenage girl, owner and maintainer of a antique canarian house and keeper of a pussy cat. Like most of us, I usually have a few pots on the stove cooking. Among handling the day to day business and building my new business as a sex coach I still need a good amout of time just for myself.

How do I fit it all in?

You simply have to start taking your needs first. Start little by little. Or be radical and do a radical shift, getting rid of obligation that don't serve you anymore. You do you. Believ and trust in your gut feeling. Your intuition and inner voice will be your guidance. The more you listen, the stronger and clearer you inner lead will grow and show itself.

I believe the more we do, the more we fit in. Tough at times one might want to change their mindset and do less and enjoy more. Again we have been conditioned to keep busy and being people pleasers. So instead of being taught of how to take immaculate care for our needs and pleasure, we have been preached to work hard and need little.

Or how can I do what needs doing with another set of mind to make it an orgasmic experience?

1. Becoming present with what we you are doing right in this moment. Focussing all our energy on what we are doing right now and not thinking about the next three things we should or will be doing next is already a step into selfcare.

2.Designating selfcare slots into your daily schedules

3. If needed re-structuring your schedule. Make it fit your needs and desires of how to run your week. There is no right and wrong. What’s important is that it holds all the different elements that you nedd to cover in a week but spread in a way that you still have enough space for taking time out just for yourself.

4. And to do the things you love.

5. Know you are always on the way. As soon as your focus is on creating an orgasmic lifestyle, then you are already doing it. Enjoy the small steps and you will see your life blossoming and yourself growing into an orgasmic beautiful being.

Thank you for taking the time to read my blog. If you have any thoughts which you would like to share with me just send me a note to

Sending you love & lightness,



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