Best sex ever with myself

Updated: May 13

In this blog I’ll share my story of how I got to be my very best lover, always at hand and giving myself just what I need. Self-pleasuring is now exquisite and totally shifted to deeper level of meeting myself.

A naked woman smiling and sitting on black sand. Her legs are crossed in front of her and her arms are hugging her legs.
Anna Scheer sitting on a black sand beach in Tenerife

The first hot tip is making sure you make (!) time for pleasuring yourself. Like anything in life, if we don’t make it a priority, than it’s always going to fall under the table.

Stating that I am my own best lover is still totally new to my self-perception. This thought popped up a few weeks ago whilst talking to two women about masturbation. Suddendly I realised that I felt that way. In the last twenty years I would fantasize about a lover I had when I was in my twenties. We studied art together at Dartington, College of Arts. He was a New Zealand boy studying music and being an absolute magician with his control over his physicality. He was a performer doing dance, martial arts, acrobatics and actually we did do all of these great activities together. He moved his body all the time and had a lean and perfectly shaped muscular body. I devoured his body smells and wished many years that me and him would stay together, as I felt he was my man. That part of the story turned out to be a complete illusion but the sex we shared blew me away.

He knew exatly how to move his cock and had precise control over his movements and he danced inside of me.

We would make use of the whole bed as we rolled around, changing position in all sorts of ways and just feeling like two fishes swimming in the sea of lust. We had a lot of fun and would switch to wrestling in-between, just wrestle each other down, screaming and laughing like two kids in the playground battle. We had a lot of fun in bed and outside of bed, because we shared something very innocent, just like kids fooling around.

The sex I so much enjoyed was when we would be in the classical mission poistion (i know its not the most exciting posish) and maintain a steady pace with his cock deep inside of me and just rocking our pelvis forward and backward. It would take me on a blissful and orgasmic wave and keep me there, leverishing the sweet liquor of pleasure and surfing the wave- drip by drip- keeping me in a state of ecstasy.

The last year I started masturbating on a regular basis with Betty Dodsons® Rock n’ Roll technique.

I’m lucky to be living in a big house where I can retreat to my room which is away from everyone else in the house. I lock the door just to make sure I don’t get an unwanted visitor and if it’s cold I pre-heat the room. The heat is important to be able to fully relax when I’m naked. I choose a playlist on spotify and lie down with a towel beneath me, so I don’t need think about oil stains on the sheets.

I like to use an organic almond oil in fast amounts and start by stroking my pussy as if it where a cat. I make long, soft, slow strokes over my entire pussy.

My legs are bend and with my feet standing on either side. I relax my jaw and enjoy a deep sigh, relaxing my body and mind and leaving my thoughts outside. This time is dedicated to feeling my breasts and between my legs on my nice and warm vulva and any place which feel good to touch. My eyes are shut to intensify the sensation of touch. Everytime a thought crosses my mind I focus on my breath and do not hold on to the thought. This time is about feeling the touch on my body and following what feels best and enjoying pleasure. I continue stroking my vulva with different strokes that feel good and explore the soft texture, seeing where I enjoy to feel touch the most. I slowly start tensening my pelvic floor on my inbreath and relaxing my pelvis and muscles on my outbreath. The tensening is just as important as fully relaxing the body on my outbreath. I slowly penetrate myself with my dildo which is a Barbell designed by Betty Dodson. The dildo is heavy and made from stainless steel. Due to its weight the dildo stays inside the vagina and doesn’t slip out. I love the sensation of my labia and vaginal rosebud nippling on the dildo before it slwoly enters my vag. Next I add the vibrator to stimulate all of my vulva and especially my clit. The vibrations of the vibrator move the blood into the vulva which feels very arousing. Again taking time for every yummy sensation and just feeling more and more aroused.

As my mentor Betty would say : „Meeting the intensity and moving towards the intensity“

That sentence probably sums up of how to enjoy multiple orgasms by moving towards the intensity, meeting the intensity and building up more intensity. Us women we can jsut keep going and going and - yes you got it - going! The first orgsams are sometimes just a beautiful small wave sweeping over us and as they keep coming they rise in intensity. But like anything in life, there are a million ways of experiences and one day is never like the other. It’s the same with our orgasms. Sometimes I might have an explosive eruption right at the start and other days I just enjoy to edge and build up my sexual energy. All i do is to meet myself and see where the ride takes me.

Bon voyage!

Reach out to me if you want to know more about the Bodysex technique.