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Mariposa Cultural Art & Retreat Center

Mariposa is in the south-west of Tenerife with spectacular views and finely designed houses and spaces.

Mariposa was designed by more than 80 international artists over the course of 15 years. It was founded on the conviction that art and culture are the roots of a tolerant and cosmopolitan society.

The result is a unique refuge that literally opens the eyes and sharpens the senses of its visitors through the diversity and variety of artistic ideas, allows contemplation and invites them to perceive and bring to light their own creativity. It sits 600 meters above sea level at the foot of a mountain known as Meseta de La Escalona.

Arona’s old town is small with a traditional atmosphere, cobbled streets, and architecture with great ethnographic value.There are great examples of traditional rural architecture, both public and stately.

Long, sandy beaches are 15 minutes by car. Close by is the “Hippy beach”, a hidden treasure with a stunning view of the colorful, volcanic cliffs and with wonderful sunsets.

Next retreat dates

15. 05. 2023 - 20. 05 2023

03.07. 2023 - 07. 07 2023

29. 10 2023 - 03. 11 2023

30. 12. 2023 - 04. 01 2024

30.01.2024 - 04.02.2024

Our retreat prices include accomodation, drinks, meald and the program.

Paloma House - Private Appartment with bathroom and kitchen

Price: 1999 €

The Paloma guest house is located on the highest point of the cultural park with a spectacular panoramic view of the south-west shore of Tenerife.

The apartment is on the first floor and has a double bedroom, a bathroom and a kitchen with an exceptional view.

Patio - Private Guest Rooms with shared bathroom

Price: 1649 €

The Patio Guesthouse is a small house with a mexican flair with a private entrance door. The atrium is a tranquil and intimate place to dwell during a hot summery afternoon.

The guest house has two single rooms each with a single bed which share a bathroom, a small living room, the atrium and a kitchenette.

Mongolian Yurts with shared bathrooms

Price: 1349 €

The three mongolian yurts are on a terrace overlooking the Atlantic Ocean each with two single beds.

There is a bath house right next to the yurts with two separate bathrooms with a shower and two separate toilets and an open kitchenette with a table and chairs.


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