Virtual Bodysex® Coaching

Enhance your experience of
self love and pleasure

Sex coaching includes 5 online one-to-one conversations focused on  your personal development, informative sex education and supporting you to enhance your experience of pleasure. I‘ll take you step-by-step through the Bodysex method. Together we unveil layers of shame, misinformation and trauma until you can reveal your true sexual self and enjoy an enhanced experience of self-pleasure.

After our sessions you will be invited to join our weekly erotic recess session hosted by Carlin Ross, attended by clients and Bodysex coaches.

If you want to schedule a coaching sign up for a free discovery call.

And send me your sex essay. Investments for a sex coaching are 400€

If you are experiencing a financial hardship then get in touch and we will find a solution.

Bodysex® Method



Vulva styles, internal clitoris, vaginal penetration & pelvic floor muscle


Genital Show and Tell

I will guide you as you view and name your vulva


Rock n Roll Technique

A combination of clitoral stimulation with vaginal penetration



How to Use Fantasy to Increase Your Pleasure


Join our Erotic Recess sessions attended by Bodysex women and Bodysex leaders.

What You'll Need

To practice Betty's Rock 'n Roll orgasm technique, you'll need lubricant, a dildo (we prefer Betty's Barbell), and a vibrator.

If you hate vibrators, you can use your hand.

You can use any sort of clean oil as a lubricant (almond, coconut, jojoba or even olive oil in a pinch). We prefer almond oil.  And you can use a vibrator you have or pick up a magic wand on amazon.  Here are links to both:

Almond Oil

Betty's Barbell

If you're interested in purchasing a barbell, let me know. 

Clients get a 35% discount coupon.   

Rechargeable Magic Wand

What´s inside?

After our first coaching session you will get access to 3 educational video, in which I guide you through the process of the Bodysex method created under the legacy of Dr. Betty Dodson.

Once you have purchased the workshop, you will receive a login to enter the area where all the content lives. You will get access to all future updates, free of charge. If you would like to do a Bodysex Workshop but don´t have the financial needs to do so, get in contact with me and we´ll find a solution.

Get started!

Step 1: Write Your Sex Essay

The first step of your bodysex coaching is to write your sex essay.  We rarely talk about our sexual past without framing our past we can't understand our present or create our future.  

Write a few paragraphs answering the following questions:

• Your religious upbringing; parent’s attitude towards sex
• Your first memory of masturbation
• Your first partner sex
• Your current sex life
• Your sex goal - what you desire

Then you'll email the sex essay to me directly and we'll talk through it during our first video chat.

Read through the sex feature articles below.  You'll gain a better understanding of the female model of sexual response, try the techniques at home and have your questions ready for our meetings.


First Time Orgasm

Awakening Your Clitoris

Betty's Rock 'n Roll Orgasm Technique

Upgrading Your Masturbation Technique

Penetrating Your Vagina for the First Time

A Woman's Erection Needs 20-30 Minutes of Adequate Clitoral Stimulation

How to Best Use Your Vibrator

Daily Vulva Massage

The more you touch,
the more you feel.

Step 2: Daily Vulva Massage

Part of your homework is to do daily vulva massage.

When we touch ourselves on a regular basis, we sensitize our sex organ to stimulation. If you feel too much, you will feel less. If you feel nothing, you will feel more. I can't emphasize enough the importance - throughout this process - of touching your vulva with almond oil and NOT having an orgasm.

When we take the orgasm off the table, we relax and gain a better understanding of what feels best for us and what parts of our vulva are the most sensitive. There are definite erogenous zones but how a woman likes to be touched is different for each of us.

Below are two guided audio podcasts - the first is 5 minutes of breathing to help you transition from the stress of your day to pleasure. In the second podcast, Carlin Ross takes you through the basics. Play the podcast in the background so she can support you through the process.


Women Have a Complex Clitoral System

Women have quite a complex sex organ. The internal clitoris refers to the clitoral gland which has 8,000 nerve endings.

The bulbs of the clitoris contain erectile tissue. We have just as much erectile tissue as men but our erection is internal.


The urethral sponge referred to as the g-spot sits on top of the vaginal opening. There is no one spot in the vagina that feels good for all women. The urethral sponge contains a couple of milliliters of prostate-like fluid,  that is what we call "female ejaculate".


The urethral sponge fills up with fluid to protect the bladder from the friction of penetrative sex and to add fluidity to the vulva.


The pelvic floor muscle circles around the clitoris, your vaginal opening and your anus, like an infinity, and the pc muscle is like a sling. Engaging your pelvic floor muscle will increase the intensity of your orgasms.

Anatomical drawing of the urethral gland, the perineal sponge, paraurethral ducts and the vagina

Vulva styles

Art Deco
Art Deco

Art Deco Vulva This vulva style has minimal, symmetrical labia and an average sized clitoris. The beauty is the sleekness.

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An ink drawing of a classical vulva style with a big clit and symmetrical, dangling inner labia.

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Modern Vulva This vulva style is sleek and stylized with labia that flow horizontally. The beauty is the bold lines.

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Baroque Vulva This vulva style has curving labia with and bold oval forms. The beauty is the sense of motion.

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Gothic Vulva This vulva style has a long, tapered clitoral hood and large clitoral glans like a medieval cathedral. The beauty is the drama.

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Renaissance Vulva This vulva style has a long clitoral hood and ruffled labia. The beauty is the flowing drapery.

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Asymmetrical inner labia
Asymmetrical inner labia

This vulva style has drapes of ruffled labia. The beauty is the flowing drapery and its uniqueness.

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Valentines labia
Valentines labia

This vulva has a long clitoral hood and valentine symmetrical inner labia.

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Large clitoral pearl
Large clitoral pearl

This vulva has a large clitoral pearl and sleek inner labia.

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