Hi! I am Anna Scheer

Welcome to my portal for advocating for healing through selflove practices and shifting from a state of feeling broken and returning to our authentic sexual nature.

I am an artist, art and sex educator and social entrepreneur. I love to experience life from a place of safety and taking risks at the same time, opening myself to an innovative and experimental experience of love, life and sexuality.  
An outlet for our individual expression are the arts and our sexuality. Art is an open field to explore one’s identity, it preserves human history and changes existing culture. Sex teaches us great lessons about who we really are and connects us our wild animalistic nature.

Education is the most empowering force in the world. Knowledge builds confidence, breaks down barriers and allows for new opportunities to arise through perceiving new perspectives and enabling changes in our personal development.

An embodiment practice of breath work, meditation, selflove, yoga and dance roots us deeply in our body, mind and spirit. We are present and can relate easily to our emotions, feelings and are equipped with a radar for analysing external influences, being able to differentiate what’s ours and what’s someone elses, as well as being connected to planet earth.

The experience of an ecstasic life is accessible to everyone. Building the knowledge about the female model of sexual response, practicing selflove and understanding we are not broken by deeply nourishing ourselves - this is the first step into a life filled with pleasures. The second step is establishing a daily routine of selflove practices and making those a priority in our agenda.

Saying YES! to yourself and enjoying the small and big waves of joy, reminding ourselves about the importance of „Me-Time“ for engaging with life on a higher frequency.

A few words about my academic background and personal growth...
During my Bachelors degree in Visual Performance at Dartington College of Arts in England, I created and performed a series of rituals marking significant personal processes. Rituals can be powerful tools. Through rituals, we can align our beliefs, set intentions and acknowledge lifes passages.
My masters degree in art & design education at the University of applied arts in Vienna provided me with insights into the curriculum of education. It covered  an insignificant amount of obligatory sex education in the teacher trainings. School students have a right to be taught by teachers that are trained in sex education. I deepened my sex research by writing my thesis about interdisciplinary methods in art education and sex education.
I’ve been working as an art and design teacher in high schools in Vienna. I founded an non-profit association named Sowieso! 11 years ago. We provide inclusive art and movement workshops for children and teenagers. 2016 I got certified as a DanceAbility® trainer and facilitate inclusive movement workshops for many years.

Gratitude fills my heart to share information and knowledge about the multiple ways of making life more pleasurable. Likewise, I am here to support your process of becoming an orgasmic or multi-orgasmic woman.

I look forward to meeting you soon. If you have any question just drop me a line.
Sending you love and lightness,
Yours Anna