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Hi! I am Anna Scheer

Welcome to my website a portal for healing through self-love practices, shifting from a state of feeling broken and returning to our authentic sexual nature.

I am an artist, art and sex educator and a social entrepreneur. I believe that the arts and sexuality are great outlets for our individual expression. Art is an open field to explore one’s identity, it preserves human history and changes existing culture. Sexuality teaches us great lessons about who we really are and connects us our intrinsic nature.

In my work I aim to educate and build knowledge about the body. I believe it breaks down barriers, builds confidence and allows people to accept their sexual selves. 

In the Intimacy Coaching, Workshops & Events, Solo Women's Pleasure Retreats and the Women‘s Pleasure Retreats I offer an embodiment practice including breath work, meditation, yoga and dance which roots us deeply in our body, mind and spirit. When we are present we become aware of our feelings and develop a better relationship with ourselves and others.

I believe everyone can have an experience of an ecstasic life. Supporting people to discover how to deeply nourish themselves is the first step into a life filled with pleasure. The second step is to establish a daily routine of practices that encourage self-love. 

Saying yes to yourself, enjoying the small and big waves of joy and reminding ourselves about the importance of "Me-Time" supports the journey to an ecstatic life.



In the journey of life, experience is our guiding teacher.

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Gratitude fills my heart when I can share information and knowledge about the multiple ways of making life more pleasurable. Likewise, I am here to support your process of becoming a more orgasmic person.

If you have any questions just drop me a line.
With love & gratitude,
Anna Scheer


A few words about my academic background and personal growth. 


During my Bachelors degree in Visual Performance at Dartington College of Arts in England. I created and performed a series of rituals marking significant personal processes.


Rituals can be powerful tools. Through rituals, we can align our beliefs, set intentions and acknowledge lifes passages. 


My masters degree in Art & Design education at the University of Applied Arts in Vienna revealed the lack of engaging a balanced education around the topic of sexuality. School students have a right to be educated by teachers that are trained in sex education.


I deepened my research by writing my thesis about interdisciplinary methods in art education and sex education.  


As a freelance artist I have worked as camera operator, a set designer for childrens operas and as an arts workshop facilitator.


I founded a non-profit organisation called Sowieso! in 2010, we provide inclusive art, dance and music workshops for children and teenagers.


Since 2016 I am certified as a DanceAbility® trainer, facilitating inclusive art and dance workshops.


 I worked for six years as an art and design teacher at high schools in Vienna and teaching art as a tool for building relationships to social caretakers at the Institut Dr. Rampitsch.


It was that job which made me realise how much I loved working in the field of adult education. 

Next Retreat
Women's Pleasure Retreat in Tenerife

19. - 25. January 2025
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