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"The workshops that Anna offers is something that was absolutely missing on the market. Thank you for that!

It was such a great experience looking at sexuality from a completely different angle and thereby to come into such a pleasant, peaceful and enriching experience for my whole life. I have never felt like this before."



​​Welcome to our intimate women's pleasure retreat, where we invite you to discover the joy and power of your own body. Nestled in an elegant Villa with an exotic garden, pool, and sauna area- our retreat is designed for your transformational journey to deeply connect to yourself with love and acceptance in the perfect tranquil sanctuary.

In just six days, you'll experience personal changes in how you relate to your body, pleasure and womanhood– changes that could take years of therapy to achieve. Our retreat is designed to support you in moving beyond shame, reconnecting with pleasure through self-knowledge and finding solidarity in shared stories.

At our retreat, we offer more than just a getaway – we offer a direct path to rekindling your connection to yourself and your body. Led by seasoned experts in the Bodysex® method, Anna and Céline provide a compassionate and consensual environment where women gather to liberate themselves and each other through traditional and sacred practices. With these practices, you will become an expert in your own pleasure( re)claiming authorship over your body. Bodysex® is a method of self-knowledge which provides essential information about women’s sexuality.

The day's schedules include a holistic balance of gentle morning activities to awaken your creativity, followed by transformative sacred sexuality workshops. You will enjoy nourishing and abundant breakfasts and dinners, while peaceful afternoons invite you to bask in the warmth of summer days.

We believe that pleasure is your birthright, and it's never too late to start your journey.

Join us, and let us be your guides on a path towards self-discovery, self-love, and empowerment.

Take the first step towards prioritizing your pleasure and embracing your power.

Have questions or need more information?


Contact us today – we offer free of charge calls and are here to support you every step of the way.

  • Pre- and post online group coaching

  • 6 days and 5 nights at the elegant Villa Finca el Drago​

  • Locally sourced, freshly prepared meals by our private chef

  • Led by seasoned experts Anna Scheer & Celine Manon

  • Creative mornings​ with breath work, meditation and journaling

  • Ancient and sacred sexuality practices

  • Time for integration processes

  • Closing fire ceremony​


Here is your schedule for the retreat

SCHEDULE_ Women‘s Pleasure Retreat_edited_edited.jpg

Immerse yourself in the lush embrace of our elegant Villa Finca el Drago, where every detail is crafted to awaken your senses and nurture your soul in-midst of the Atlantic Ocean.

Our 6 day retreat is a powerful journey that celebrates women's unique stories and experiences from all walks of life and the collective strength that emerges when voices are heard and stories are shared combined with expert education on the female body and traditional and sacred sexuality practices.

The schedule includes daily morning sessions, group sharings, ancient and sacred sexuality practices, locally-sourced and deliciously made breakfasts and dinners prepared by our private Chef and time for your integration.

Join us on this retreat if you wish to experience where empowerment meets pleasure, and self-love becomes a profound and transformative experience.

Two women smiling at the camera in a white dress and a green dress touching their palm of their hands
Our pleasure retreat is for you!

If you wish for profound self-discovery and empowerment then this pleasure retreat is for you. It's for you if you're looking to deepen your relationship with your body, to uncover new depths of pleasure both within yourself and in connection with others.


If you sense that there's more to pleasure than what you've experienced so far, then this retreat is definitely for you.


And if you're determined to break through the shackles of shame that have held you back from fully loving and embracing yourself, then you're in the right place.

Join us on this transformative adventure, where you'll find a supportive community, expert guidance, and the opportunity to reclaim your joy, your power, and your birthright of pleasure.

It's time to step into the fullness of who you are and bask in the beauty of your own radiance and we would love to support you on this journey!

Villa Finca el Drago, La Orotava

Welcome to Villa Finca El Drago, where luxury meets conscious living and every moment is an opportunity for transformation.


Located in the heart of La Orotava, our villa is a haven of luxury and natural beauty. We go beyond providing accommodation – we offer a holistic experience that blends serenity, nature, and mindful living. 


Our mission at Finca El Drago is to create a space where guests can relax and enjoy perfect holidays but also immerse themselves in conscious events that elevate the mind, body, and soul.

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