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Listen to this podcast with my friend Dinara Mukh to find out more about my work and its benefits for women. 

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My Uncompromising Orgasmic Life

I am Anna Scheer and trained as a  Bodysex® Practitioner certified through the Betty Dodson Foundation by Carlin Ross and Dr. Betty Dodson. 


Leading an orgasmic lifestyle means saying YES! to yourself first and flavouring everydays experience by adding ecstatic moments for yourself.


I‘ll support your personal process of loving and accepting yourself more by guiding you through empowering techniques and the Bodysex method. By the end of the programme you will have a tool-kit in-place to enhance your experience of a pleasurable life.


My work is to support, guide and coach you through the process of self-knowledge and self-love. You are the expert of your own pleasure, so you know best what feels good to you.


You will learn about the female model of sexual response, be provided with a variety of techniques for self-pleasuring and expand your horizont of sexual fantasies  - all so you can enjoy intense pleasure. If you have any questions write an email.

Introduction to Bodysex®

Bodysex® is a designed practice that has been developed by Dr. Betty Dodson in the last 40 years. The Bodysex® method supports women to connect to their bodies and orgasms, to heal shame, intensify pleasure and encourage self-love. 

Women get together and speak first person about their experiences. The  method is a series of rituals, each of them are designed to support women to love their bodies and enhance pleasure. 


Anna trained directly with Carlin Ross, President of the Betty Dodson Foundation.

The artworks in these slides are created by the Queen of liberating masturbation, artist, sex icon and author Betty Dodson.

Das Bild zeigt eine Tuschezeichnung einer Michung aus einer dekorativen Vulva gemischt mit einer Blume
Images by © Betty Dodson Foundation

Retreats & Bodysex® Sessions



Doing the Bodysex workshop with Anna was a wonderful gift I gave myself. A nurturing weekend to deepen my self-love on a physical and mental level. In which the focus was on playfully exploring my own body and increasing my pleasure. Sharing with other women in this safe and intimate setting of sisterhood was incredibly nurturing, exciting and enriching. I am grateful for the wonderful opportunity to grow stronger in myself.

Highly recommended!

Sandra N.     @_gesundebasis_

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