I am Anna Scheer and trained as a  Bodysex® Practitioner certified through the Betty Dodson Foundation by Carlin Ross and Dr. Betty Dodson. 


Leading an orgasmic lifestyle means saying YES! to yourself first and flavouring everydays experience by adding ecstatic moments for yourself.


I‘ll support your personal process of loving and accepting yourself more by running you through the Bodysex method. By the end of the programme you will have a tool-kit in-place to enhance your experience of pleasure.


My work is to support, guide and coach you through the process of self-knowledge and self-love. You are the expert of your own pleasure, so you know best what feels good to you.


You will learn about the female model of sexual response, be provided with a variety of techniques for self-pleasuring and expand your horizont of sexual fantasy  - all so you can enjoy intense pleasure.


Bodysex is a designed practice that has been developed by Dr. Betty Dodson in the last 40 years. The method of Bodysex supports women to connect to their bodies and orgasms, to heal shame, intensify pleasure and encourage self-love. 

Women get together and speak first person about their experiences. The  method is a series of rituals, each of them are designed to support women to love their bodies and enhance pleasure. 


Anna trained directly with Carlin Ross, President of the Betty Dodson Foundation.

The Artworks are created by Betty. If you wish to view more of her art click here.

Images by © Betty Dodson Foundation www.dodsonandross.com

Online Bodysex

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Pillowcases, Betty Dodson

We meet online for 5 sessions. Our sessions will take place in a 1 to 1 setting. I´ll guide you through the Bodysex® rituals, just like an in-person Bodysex workshop. I´ll be there for you until you experience hightened states of pleasure. If you have questions book a free discovery call.


Your coaching sessions include the following:

  • Introduction to the female model of sexual response, genital anatomy and vulva styles

  • Genital Show and Tell

  • Daily Vulva Massage- you‘ll receive a video in which I demonstrate the massage.

  • Rock and Roll Technique- you‘ll receive a video in which I demonstrate the technique.

  • Fantasy- you‘ll receive a list of links to a range of educative and high quality  erotica, sex-positive porn and podcasts to inspire your fantasy.

  • You‘ll be invited to join our weekly "Orgasmic Recess Sessions" hosted by Carlin Ross


Join a life-changing experience for 2 days in Tenerifé. Come empty and leave fulfilled with sharing laughter, stories and pleasures. Bodysex Group workshops are available for 4 to 12 women and vulva-havers. By sharing how we feel about our bodies and our orgasms, we create a powerful healing process. You can look forward to 2 afternoons of fun and informative pleasure rituals, designed to enhance sexual self-knowledge and selflove. All workshops are done in the nude. The costs for the workshop are 400€. For people with financial hardship please get in touch and we‘ll find a solution.


A foto of a landscape calles Masca in Tenerife. The sky is misty and there is a huge mountain with a lot of vegetation and a little village next to a street

Enjoy a retreat in the north of Tenerife with the perfect climate in the Canary Islands of everlasting spring. Included in the retreat is a Bodysex Group Workshop to enhance your pleasure.


Six days retreat as a composition of indulging self-love rituals, movement and dance sessions, organic and local farmed nutrition for the soul and excursions to the divine and powerful nature on this island.

You can share your orgasmic fantasies of what you would love to do. We have many exquisite juicy experiences lined up for your exploration of uncompromised intensive pleasure. 

The price for the retreat will be confirmed as soon as I have composed your orgasmic retreat. The price of the retreat excludes the travel expenses. This retreat is for women only.


Optional are excursion such as kayaking to be with dolphines and turtles in the open sea. We will make this retreat to be an orgasmic one, a  lifetime experience for you that will enhance your openess to lifes pleasures.

Send me an email if you are interested!