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  • Anna Scheer

Step into Your Power and Prioritise Your Self-Discovery

I want to share my story because it deeply touched my heart. The story proofs that if we go after the things we love, then we receive meaningful gifts.

Number One: Being passionate about how you spend your time makes it so much easier to get through the more difficult times. Number Two: The pay-offs are incredible because you love life and it loves you back. So, that being said… Here is the story about the gift, which I received last week from my daughter, a week before she turns seventeen! ** Whoop Whoop 🥳

Last weekend we had a mother - daughter day. We drove to the south of the island and had a yummy lunch at our favourite fish restaurant. As we were sipping on our drinks, my daughter started talking about the separation between me and her stepdad. She told me that her stepdad was a great man, who wasn’t a pussy but that he was good and real man. He had given me the freedom to have lovers as part of our marriage and we bought a house together in my dream place to live. Why would I leave such a man? I explained my reasons behind my decision (which I will not mention here out of respect towards my husband). We had a good laugh, as both of us agreed on my reasoning. Afterwards I carried on with a confident, mellow, soft and determined voice, explaining that I didn’t need or want a relationship with a man for my next chapter in my life… “My dream is to be free as a bird, travelling and working from anywhere in the world. I’m my own self-made woman. My greatest wish is to support you when you are studying at University and otherwise work and travel.” She started crying. I asked her what had happened. She said: “I’m so proud of you Mum! You are your own woman and you don’t need a man!” I was deeply touched by her tears and her words. I felt blessed by this experience. Such a precious moment with my daughter, who means the world to me.

If we do what we love, it creates more love.

We all have mothered someone we care for. It doesn’t matter if that are our children, friends or people that are in need of our support. It is innate in us women. As we celebrate the inherent nurturing spirit within all of us, I invite you to prioritise yourself. In the spirit of supporting each other, we can support others much better if our cup is filled with love for ourselves. Consider taking a moment for yourself. Whether it's gaining insights from my podcast, where we delve into empowering stories and self-care tips, or exploring the possibility of personal growth through my Solo Women’s Pleasure Retreats.

This retreat is designed to precisely align with your needs, wishes & desires. Imagine your dream retreat igniting the aliveness and passion for your life within you through supporting who you aspire to be. Take the first step towards your self-discovery by booking a call with me.

Your journey of unleashing the power that lies within you starts right here.

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