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Solo Women's Pleasure Retreat

Tenerife - Spain


Day Rate: 500€

Flexible retreat dates to suit your schedule!

“I wanted to learn to have pleasure without depending on my husband.

After the retreat I'm feeling so much safer in my body."

Antonia, Germany


We can only take reservations for Anna's waiting list.

At the moment all spots are taken.

Please fill in the form.

We will get back to you shortly! 


Immerse in the unique self-discovery journey with our Solo Women's Pleasure Retreat. Crafted exclusively for you, our retreats cater to your pace, your desires, and your needs, spanning from 2 to 8 days of personalised bliss.


Start on a transformative personal journey, where every step leads you to self-acceptance and expands your knowledge about your sensual self. Through guided practices and immersive experiences, rediscover the joy of deep connection with your body and pleasure.


This intimate escape promises magic like never before. It's time to prioritise yourself uncompromisingly and savour the pleasures of life.


Reserve your spot now and start your journey to radiant self-love.

Book your transformative retreat today!


Your exclusive solo retreat takes place in the sub-tropical lush green surroundings of the northern part of Tenerife hosted by Anna.

Your personal process is about self-knowledge and empowerment through learning about the sexual anatomy of your body and experiencing embodied practices. You will gain comprehensive insights into how your body is wired for pleasure.

Your stay is designed for you to connect to yourself by taking back authorship over your body and your pleasure.

You will be provided with a consensual space to feel safe and at ease at all times. You will only do what feels good to you at any given moment.

This IS the best GIFT you can give to YOURSELF!

Tenerife - Island of Eternal Spring


Come and enjoy the island with its mild and sub-tropical climate. Discover a mesmerising blend of nature and culture on the enchanting shoreline of the north coast of Tenerife - the Orotava valley.


The North captivates with its beauty and dramatic landscapes. Steep cliffs adorned with lush greenery meet the crashing waves of the Atlantic Ocean. Quaint villages, like La Orotava offer a glimpse into the island's rich history.

During your retreat you will be staying in a beautiful boutique house equipped with a bathroom and kitchen to fulfil all your wishes.

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