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Strand Yoga

Personal Pleasure Discovery Retreat

Flexible retreat dates to suit your schedule!

​​3 Spots Available from June - August 2024
4 Days for 2800€
In Tenerife, Spain

“I wanted to learn to have pleasure without depending on my husband.

After the retreat I'm feeling so much safer in my body."

Antonia, Germany


Do you feel your sensuality has space to exist in your daily life? 


Or does it feel like your body is separate from the rest of you,

keeping you feeling dissociated? 


If this is touching a tender spot in your heart, it’s okay.


The truth is, that most women experience dissociation from their bodies already during childhood or adolescence, and rarely find the connection to themselves again. At least not without unraveling their inner stories, and understanding where their shame and guilt stem from. 


Well, the good news is that you are not alone in this. I’ve been there too. I am here to support you on this empowering journey home to yourself.


A self-discovery journey that creates a loving connection to your core, to your body and pleasure.

Step into a new life chapter with a transformative experience of self-discovery and empowerment


Take a moment and imagine this: you decide to go with the magnetic pull you feel in your heart and fly to a volcanic island in the Atlantic Ocean, to meet yourself in the unknown. 

You’re greeted by me, your coach for this adventure, and it feels like you’re meeting the sister in crime you’ve been searching for. A woman with an open heart and good humor that is devoted to guiding you with expertise and love on your personal journey. 

Whilst driving through the island, you see changing landscapes, but it’s the volcanic rock peaks with their raw, mystical energy, that truly draw you in…your attention is fully here, in this magnetic place. 

Then you open the door to the Casa Azul Sagrada, an authentic canarian house - where your transformational work will take place - to encounter an oasis of art, color, and textures, in a labyrinth like space, with unusual corners, a garden, rooftop, and awe-inspiring private and therapeutic room. 

Welcome, my dear, to your very own Personal Pleasure Discovery Retreat in Tenerife. A place, far away from the ordinary, but the place that will deeply transform your relationship with yourself.

The benefits that you'll receive throughout our week together include:


This program is designed to provide a transformative experience focused on body positivity, pleasure affirmation, and personal empowerment, incorporating reflective journaling, educational sessions, sensory practices, and integrative coaching.

The combination of these powerful tools can open up spaces within you, providing benefits like the following:

  • Explore unconventional education and gentle self-love practices, with the Bodysex® method, to shift your experience of body image and womanhood.

  • Learn to listen closely to the wisdom within your body and rejoice in your personal growth journey as you organize your life around pleasure, not pain.

  • Open up to healing in our intimate coaching sessions, to connect deeper to your heart in a safe, consensual and supportive environment.

  • Immerse yourself into creative forms of expression, to open doors to your emotional landscapes. 

  • Experience the medicine of the island’s raw volcanic nature, to connect to your own inner untamed essence.

Your á la carte retreat

Personally crafted exactly to meet your wishes & desires


Just like picking a tasty meal that best suits your palette, the individual nature of this retreat allows us to play with the different elements, composing it exactly as you want, to ensure the most enriching and orgasmic experience possible!! 


From morning to evening, you’ll have a wide variety of options to choose from, which all support our main core of work - the Bodysex® method - and create space for all the areas of expertise I can offer to you as a coach. These areas are divided into 4 pillars, which include:


  • Start the day: Tune into your emotional, energetic, and physical body. 

    • Meditation, yoga, journaling, dance, and breathwork. 

  • Body practices: Tools to simply get to know and feel yourself on a much deeper level.

    • Self-touch, self-massage, self-pleasure, presence, awakening in the body. 

  • Creative expression: A therapeutic processing method, this can help you integrate or express experiences you’re having or have had in the past. 

    • Drawing, sculptural, vulva casting or vulva portraits. 

  • Nature bathing: 1 day excursion into Tenerife’s incredibly powerful, volcanic and invigorating landscapes. 


Of course, in order to put together the best schedule for you, it’s important for us to connect before the retreat, get to know each other and dip our toes into some of your background and current issues. So, during these prep calls you can expect:


  • Intro conversations & sharing: who we are, what led you here, our why, our stories.

  • Education: we will look into the foundation of the Bodysex® method and begin your journey before the retreat, so you can arrive in the best prepared way.  

  • Your á la carte retreat: See what best suits your preferences to get this journey started! 


The Bodysex Method

What it is & What it isn’t

As the core of our work together, we will be using the Bodysex Method, which combines several layers of self-investigation and playful exploration, in order to return us back home to ourselves. This looks like:
  • Investigating the relationship to your body: Finding (spotlighting) the stories you carry about your body, your first sexual interactions and your orgasms, and dissecting them. 
What stories do you carry about your body since childhood years? What were your first sexual interactions like? How do you feel about your orgasms?
  • Creating intimacy with ourselves: through practices like vulva gazing and self massage of the body, you will feel deeply into our body and the emotions stored within it. 
  • Living an uncompromising life: giving yourself permission to make yourself and your pleasure a top priority. (sharing your desires and fantasies, discovering your eroticism.) 
What the bodysex method definitely isn’t:
  • A Neo Tantra technique
  • An non-consensual sex practice that is overpowering you
  • Concentrated on your performance as a sexual being
  • An ego-driven practice to cut you off from your partner
  • A method to say how things are done the correct way 
  • A sex technique to make your come faster
Which One of these Sounds Like You?
  • If you feel disconnected and want to feel more secure in your body and experience pleasure in you life again

  • If you want to find pleasure with yourself to unlock blockages in your sex life with partners

  • For the woman who wants to connect with her emotions and overcome traumas or blockages stuck in her body, that doesn't allow her to express herself freely.

  • For the woman who’s done playing small and wants to take charge of her sexual pleasure, without relying on a partner to fulfill her needs. 


If more than 5 of these sentences apply to you, then this retreat is for you! …

  • Price: 2800 € for 4 days 

  • Location: Los Realejos, Tenerife, Spain

  • Accommodation: I will provide you with a list of excellent options that are close by and also run by wonderful and trusted people, where you can find plenty of rest, alone time and relaxation, in order to integrate your experiences and emotions of the day. 

  • Add-Ons: If you’d like your time together to be extra luxurious or memorable, I’m happy to offer these special options also.

    • Private chef - receive all your meals prepared by a vegan and vegetarian chef, catered to your exact taste and wishes. Let yourself be fully nourished!

    • Vulva Cast or Vulva Portraits - if you’d like to take a special gift home with you from the retreat, we can plan in an additional half day for either creating your personal vulva cast or taking portraits of your vulva, which you can print in whatever size feels good to you. 

Post-Integration Calls - Once you’ve returned home, we can continue with the coaching. You can schedule up to 6x 60 mins calls for an additional of 789 €.

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