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Personal Retreats for

Women's Self-Discovery

Get on a 1-1 retreat with me on the magical island of Tenerife and re-discover yourself by letting go of outdated belief systems, guilt and shame around your body and pleasure.
Open for Bookings, 
July - August 2024
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4-6 Days of a Profoundly Nurturing Experience

Can you see yourself in an authentic Canarian town, surrounded by art, color, and textures, ready for deep personal discovery?
Are you seeking a sister in crime with an open heart to confide in, be silly with, and share deep intimate spaces?

Well, in this personal retreat, we’ll focus on you and work with where you’re at, to build confidence in who you already are, by getting to know that woman so much better and loving her deeply. 


Yes, we will work with the power of self-love, pleasure, and orgasm, while this is all specifically tailored to your current needs, meaning that your well-being and comfort will be the focal point throughout these days. All activities and practices are designed to open deep sensual passages within you, beyond what you have experienced so far.

Which one of these is calling you?


  • Experience a safe and judgement free space to move beyond traumas, allowing yourself to regain authorship over your body. 

  • Nurture a positive and loving relationship with yourself and your body, feeling confidence in every aspect of your being. 

  • Cultivate a deep sense of self-love and acceptance, learning to appreciate and celebrate the wild and magical woman who you are.

  • Move beyond shame and guilt, discovering a journey of unconditional self-love and acceptance.

  • Rediscover the wisdom of your body,  learn to listen and communicate your desires and wants.

  • Overcome numbness by experiencing to feel, love and sense very part of your body again, exploring an expansive spectrum of sensations and liberty.

  • Reclaim your birthright to experience pleasure and joy in every aspect of your being.

  • Experience the power of self-knowledge, education and sisterhood as you get on a collaborative path towards personal growth and pleasure.

  • Indulge in practices that nourish not only your body but also your mind and spirit, creating a holistic foundation for lifelong pleasure.

If you answered yes to five or more of these, then this Personal Pleasure Discovery Retreat was designed specifically for you!!

“I wanted to learn to have pleasure without depending on my husband.

After the retreat I'm feeling so much safer in my body."

Antonia, Germany

Step into a new chapter of your life with a transformative experience towards self-discovery and empowerment.

Take a moment and imagine this: you decide to go with the magnetic pull you feel in your heart and fly to a volcanic island in the Atlantic Ocean, to meet yourself in the unknown. 

You’re greeted by me, your coach for this adventure, and it feels like you’re meeting the sister in crime you’ve been searching for. A woman with an open heart and good humor that is devoted to guiding you with expertise and love on your personal journey. 

Whilst driving through the island, you see changing landscapes, but it’s the volcanic rock peaks with their raw, mystical energy, that truly draw you in…your attention is fully here, in this magnetic place. 

Then you open the door to the Casa Azul Sagrada, an authentic canarian house - where your transformational work will take place - to encounter an oasis of art, color, and textures, in a labyrinth like space, with unusual corners, a garden, rooftop, and awe-inspiring private and therapeutic room. 

Welcome, my dear, to your very own Personal Pleasure Discovery Retreat in Tenerife. A place, far away from the ordinary, but the place that will deeply transform your relationship with yourself.

The benefits that you'll receive throughout our week together include:


This program is designed to provide a transformative experience focused on body positivity, self-love, empowerment, educational sessions, Bodysex® practices and coaching.

The combination of these powerful tools can open up spaces within you, providing benefits like the following:

  • Explore unconventional education and gentle self-love practices, with the Bodysex® method, to shift your experience of body image and womanhood.

  • Learn to listen closely to the wisdom within your body and rejoice in your personal growth journey as you organize your life around pleasure, not pain.

  • Open up to healing in our intimate coaching sessions, to connect deeper to your heart in a safe, consensual and supportive environment.

  • Immerse yourself into creative forms of expression, to open doors to your emotional landscapes. 

  • Experience the medicine of the island’s raw volcanic nature, to connect to your own inner untamed essence.


Professionally guided by Anna Scheer with the Bodysex® method

My journey has led me to organize numerous retreats amidst the breathtaking landscapes of Tenerife. Each experience has inspired me to refine and enrich these retreats and offering tailored and deeply fulfilling experiences.

At the heart of my approach lies the Bodysex method, flowing seamlessly through practices like breath work, guided meditations and rituals. These practices are not just methods; they are gateways to profound self-awareness and empowerment.


As a daughter, mother, partner and lover, my life experiences have shaped my work. I am deeply passionate about my role in supporting women on their journeys to embrace their sensual parts and create space for their passions in life to thrive.


Our retreat setting is one of safety, consent, and compassion, ensuring a nurturing environment for your personal journey of growth and discovery.


I believe in the transformative power of our sexuality—a potent and creative force that enriches every aspect of our lives. It is truly a blessing to share this wisdom with women, helping you to infuse your life with vibrancy, joy, and a deeper love for yourself and others.

Check my website if you want to know more.


Got any more questions I didn’t answer on the page? Feel free to ask!

Check out what one of my latest attendees says below and get in touch.

If you reached this point and feel like investing in yourself is the BEST way of reconnecting with yourself and your body, then this offer might work for you.


2800€ for 4 days until 07/30.

3 spots available on this price.

Then it’s going up to 3200€.

Activities, lunch and the full experience included. Not included in the price are travel expenses, travel insurance and accommodation.

Anna Scheer ©2024 | check my full website for details

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