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  • Anna Scheer

Women’s temple night dedicated purely to pleasure

Updated: Nov 21, 2022

I manifested my fantasy by offering a workshop which was dedicated to sensual touch, sharing fantasies via conversation and satisfying sexual desire. Just like in the Bodysex® workshops each women pleasures only herself and there is no exchange of sexual touch between the women. The only touch we share is non-sexual touch.

What makes us surrender to pleasure?

Imagine you enter a dimly lit room which is tinted in orange and red colours. Your skin illuminates in the soft lite light, making the surface look smooth and toned. You can see silhouettes of women’s bodies streched out on matresses next to an open fire. The space is well tempered which makes you relaxed and safe. You are naked or wearing a beautiful silky gown that strokes your skin as you move.

The matresses are covered with velvet blankets and candles are spread around the room adding a welcoming flair. You can hear soft music beats, just enough to fill up the air and make your body slightly move to the beat. As you lie down on a beautiful spot close by the fire you take a deep exhale which allows you to drop all the weight and sink into the ground. You surrender to the vibe by closing your eyes and feeling what there is. You. You and your breath. You taking time for yourself. You feel the breath moving in and out, lifting your lungs and belly. Your body and mind is relaxed and you know the next couple of hours are reserved for your own pleasure.

How can spaces of celebrating pleasure be normalized?

What I mean is that a world which had temples dedicated to pleasure, ritual and sexuality would make this world a better place. Pleasure Temples are adult playgrounds where people can experience all the things that are not part of our mondaine lives. A space for celebrating and ritualising the spectrum of trance, sexuality and spirituality.

These kind of temple used to exist before the Roman Empire and ran alongside of people goung after their mondaine lifes with all the responsibilities such as family and business. At the same time people had access to these sacred temples, in which they experienced other parts of human nature: ritual, play and ecstasy. Both worlds together can be the foundation of a holistic life, as people took care of all their needs, desires and fantasies land so they were at peace. That’s also the reason they distroyed the temple because people didn’t see the point of fighting and supporting warfare. Surprise…

What is pleasure?

Everyone has their own experience of pleasure, so I can solely write about my experience and research about pleasure. When I think of pleasure I connect it directly to play, fun and feeling light-hearted. Pleasure can be connected to solo-sex and sex with a partner but it can also appear in many other contexts such as sharing an enlightening conversation and simply by diving into the experience of nature.

Pleasure can be found anywhere that is connected to pleasureable sensations in our body, energyfield and fantasy. Our body is our physical vessel tuned for giving and receiving pleasure. We can train our body to become receptive for cycling orgasmic energy and therefore pleasure. Pleasure is our life force to engage, explore, taste and love life.

There is much more to write about what pleasure can be but right now this is just to start exploring what pleasure is for you. Kepp checking in after you do things if that activity was pleasureable for you. If it wasn’t an activity that is feeding you with enjoyment, how could you shift the activity ever so slightly that it becomes more fun and relaxing for you. Or add a short daily routine that purely serves you feeling pleasure.

If you would like to get more inspiration, tips and tricks about your daily pleasure routine then get in touch and let’s schedule a 1:1 talk.





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