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  • Anna Scheer

Anecdotes from my daily life

Updated: Nov 21, 2022

Has it happened to you that on days you decelerate that somehow these days become remarkable? Yesterday I had a kafkaesque day with two strange incidents occurring.

Due to a good dose of magnificent sex with my lover I got a bladder infection. It always feels slightly unfair to get an infection from something that feels really great. I guess my body was telling me to rest and heal.

I had signed up for a weekend in Lanzarote for a 3-day acro yoga training.Flights and Hotel was booked already. I seemed like taking part at the training would just prolong by cure and my belly didn’t feel like it would get any better by doing lots of intense exercise. Its never easy for me to step down from having a high energy and not going for experiences, as I love to move around and to live intensively. This time I pulled the plug by canceling the whole trip because my kidneys hurt and I didn’t want to risk my otherwise very stable health by working out whilst having a severe infection.

I made an appointment with the urologist and the gynaecologist. The urine test showed a lot of leukocytes (white blood cells) which meant I had an urinal infection and was given a 2-day antibiotic treatment. Because my kidneys hurt I even got a vaginal and external ultrasound check-up. My organs were all in good condition, I was told to take antibiotics and treat my vag with anti-fungal tabs.

This day I took a siesta as soon as some workers left my house around 12 o’clock. I called my husband on the phone to have a chat and tell him that the renovation in our house had just come to an end. We chatted on Telegram when suddenly something very strange happened. As we were chatting I send a text to my sister that I would be in touch with her a bit later. When suddenly I didn’t hear the voice of Andreas anymore, instead there came moans from a women out of the speakers of my phone.

“Andreas? Are you still there? Something very strange just happened. I’m hearing a woman moaning. Are you still there? Can you hear it too?“ I said.

Andreas didn’t answer anymore. His line must have cut. But on my phone it still said I was connected with him on a call and the seconds kept on counting.

There I was home alone in my bed with my phone in my hand and the groaning sounds of a woman reaching more and more close to her orgasm. I listened and smiled. What had suddenly happened on this very normal Friday afternoon? Did the universe send me a message saying: „Hey Babes, how about some self-pleasuring? Aren’t you Mrs. Selflove and couldn’t you use some selflove to heal and enjoy your lonesome afternoon?“ Or did it want to tell me „Hey! Do you remember BODYSEX? This is a little reminder to get back to work!“

I’m a Bodysex® facilitator, so getting a moaning woman on the phone did feel like it could be a wink from the universe. And here I’m writing this blog about this very curious incident. I was still lying on my bed and holding my phone and enjoying the woman's sounds, which slightly altered in their intensity, like waves rising to a climax and then slowly fleeting until becoming more faint with longer breaks in-between the sighs. I wanted to record her moans but my phone didn’t allow me too, so I kept listening with a big smile on my face anticipating what I would do next.

„Should I really start masturbating? What is this all about? How surreal!“ I thought. I started touching myself, smiling and enjoying the awkwardness of thie moment.

After a few minutes I just hanged up and called my husband to tell him what just had happened. He said his line had cut and was very surprised when I told him what had happened on my side. We shared a good laugh but had no clue about how or why this moaning voice had cut into our call.

In the afternoon I met a friend of ours. We drove to a nearby town and went for dinner to a Pizzeria. There had been a horrible event in my husbands family. His cousin had commited suicide the week before which was a great loss. I believe most times suicide comes as a surprise for family members and friends. Not always but most of the time. My friend and I were just talking about my partners loss and about suicides. As Markus, my friend came to a conclusion that suicide „shouldn’t“ be committed in response to something that was bothering a person. Instead it should be a well thought and reflected decision for example if a person had been suffering for years from severe illness or trauma and then decided to end their life.

Just as he had finished his sentence a fly dove into his pizza, which he had just drizzled with chili oil. The fly landed and sank straight into the spicy oil. „OH NO!“ Markus exclaimed in slight disgust and agony, that in his freshly served pizza a fly had just died, even before he had made his first bite.

He tried to remove the fly with his fork - unsuccessfully - as it kept getting stuck in the cheese. I helped him with a spoon and together we finally got the fly out of his pizza. Are you kidding? Sure it was dead. We both took a moment, whilst Markus was getting over his feelings of disgust.

„Did you realise that just as you were mentioning suicide this fly randomly killed itself in your pizza?“

It both took as by surprise how surreal the situation was with this coincidence of our conversation and the flies end. That evening I kept bursting out with laughter and whilst writing this story. The eclectic mix of disgust and coincidence with our conversation just cracked me up. Probably it’s a way to release the stress that I felt through the loss of my partners cousin. But what if his cousin did just choose a bad moment to act and that was his last decision but if he would still be alive he might think that wasn’t the best choice. Who knows?


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