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  • Anna Scheer

Dancing naked is transformational

Updated: Nov 21, 2022

You can always trust for the right people to turn up at a Bodysex workshop. Bodysex is a calling.

Henri Matisse, Dance I, 1909, Museum of Modern Art, New York City

This time round we were an intimate and group of 5 women. The workshop happened to be on the same dates as the Pentecost holidays, which resulted in having a beautiful group, dedicated to their pleasure.

As part of our mediation at the beginning of our circle we decided to get up, take over the entire space and dance naked through the halls of the Schwelle. The freeing experience of seeing naked goddesses express themselves through dance was just magical. Sweating, laughing and enjoying our body parts fly through space.


I loved seeing beautiful bodies take over the entire space. Exiting rooms just to return again from another entrance. Taking over the pole and swinging with gorgeous shapes through the eternal space. Naked dancing is a healing practice, if it is done in a safe and mindful space. We had a blast.

After raising our body temperatures with peachy blushed cheeks and blessed smiles we came back to the circle.

The sharing of stories about our relationship with our body and our orgasms is always a powerful moment for deeply connecting and embracing vulnerability in a safe and non-judgemental space. A profound space in which laughter and tears are welcome and time does not exist, as each person tells her-story.

How often do we get to speak about our relationship to our body? Before I was introduced to the Bodysex method, I never thought about telling someone about my relationship with my body and orgasms. Although by listening to the stories of women it’s obvious that it opens a transformational process through self-love. The bodysex method is the fundament of changing our relationships to ourselves through self love rituals.

Schwelle Vienna has built a community interested in exploring intimacy, sexuality and transformational process through bodywork. I feel grateful for being invited as a Bodysex facilitator because all participants in my workshops are ready for this work.

Genital show and tell is always a powerful and enchanting ritual. Women in my workshops have been enthusiastic for taking their turns. The ritual is daring and very giving, as for most women and vulva-havers it’s the first time in their lives they receive positive reactions about their genitals. At the same time it’s a vulnerable moment of being seen and witnessing. After show and tell we are all sisters.

Looking at the Betty’s pencil drawings of the different vulva styles creates a sense for diversity. Betty always said that Bodysex never gets boring as there are infinite vulva styles. Each vulva style holds beauty in its originality, textures, colours and intricate facets. Each one being an artistic creation for pleasure. 8000 nerve endings surrounded by erectile tissue, making our vulva a very sophisticated sex organ.

As we lay down in a comfortable position for vulva massage I invited everyone to show us their favourite ways of touch. The mood was light, relaxed and open for exploring pleasurable and healing touch. It was lovely to embrace sensuality and open up to what felt best to each one of us and inspire each other by showing a diversity of vulva strokes.

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And that was just day one. I’m looking forward to our next session!


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