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  • Anna Scheer

Each Bodysex® Circle is unique

Updated: Nov 21, 2022

You can always trust for the right people to turn up at a Bodysex workshop. Bodysex is a calling to explore the essence of human sexuality.

In June 2022 I facilitated a workshop for an intergenerational group with five women ranging between 23 and 55 years. The workshop happened to be on the Pentecost holidays, which resulted in having a small number of participants all dedicated to heighten their experience of selflove and pleasure.

Once we all sat in the opening circle we took a couple of breaths together. Everyone felt like dancing. A sense of playfulness entered the space as we engaged in each others dances. Some women used the pole as a catalyzer for swinging in gorgeous shapes through the eternity of space. It was a lovely sight to see each goddess radiate through her distinct expression of movement. It was pure magic.

Dancing is a healing practice.

After returning to the circle, seated on the cushioned floor I asked everyone to answer the following questions: „How do you feel in your body and with your orgasms?“. As a Bodysex facilitator I always share first, as we never ask anyone to do anything that we don’t show first. The sharings about womens relationships to their bodies and orgasms is always a powerful moment for deep connection. We embrace our vulnerability in a safe and non-judgemental space open for laughter and tears.

How often do we get to speak about our relationship to our body AND ORGASMS?

Before I was introduced to the Bodysex method, I never thought about telling someone about my relationship with my body and orgasms. By listening to these stories it’s obvious that this opens up transformational processes.

Betty developed her Bodysex method by working with women over 40 years. She developed this method to enhance womens relationship with their bodies and sexuality, healing shame and trauma through a practice of selflove, acceptance and sisterhood.

Genital show and tell is one of her enchanting self accepting rituals. The women in this workshop were enthusiastic to take turns. First I guide them through show and tell by showing them all the different parts of my vulva. The ritual is daring and at the same time very giving, as for most people it’s the first time in their lives they get a positive reaction about their genitalia. It’s a vulnerable moment of being seen and witnessed. Each woman took over to guide us through their vulva, showing us what touches felt nice and telling us intimate stories about particular shapes and stories which had strong impacts on their relationships with their vulva. After Genital show and tell we are all sisters.

Looking at Betty’s pencil drawings of the different vulva styles creates a sense for diversity. Betty always said that Bodysex workshops never get boring as there are infinite styles of vulvas. Each vulva is beautiful in its originality, texture, colour and intricate facets. Each one is an artistic creation made for enjoying endless pleasure.

As we lay down in a comfortable position I invited everyone to show us their favourite vulva touch. The mood was light, relaxed and open for exploring pleasurable and healing touch. It was lovely to hold a space for sharing sensuality and learning from each other. This was the end of the first day of the workshop. I gave them the homework to do a daily vulva massage until we would meet the next weekend for the second part of the workshop.

How was your experience with vulva massage? How did you feel after the first day? How do you feel today?

Some women had experienced a difference in how they had approached touching and feeling their body by feeling curious and explorative in meeting themselves.

After our sharings we did the breath of fire. Afterwards we continued with a short breast massage and tapping the meridians on our whole body. We did another naked dance by loosening our hips and shaking everything off that we didn’t need anymore, moving into a celebratory state of pleasure. Afterwards we started with a vulva massage before I moved into the centre of the circle to demonstrate Betty’s Rock’n’Roll technique. The women sat around asking questions for clarification.

I walked them through the activation of the pelvic floor, giving information about the breath, movement of the hips, clitoral stimulation and slowly penetrating the vagina.

We had a beautiful and light atmosphere. Everyone was looking forward to erotic recess. We shared some laughter and lots of Aaaahs and Mmmmmhs. We kept moving our bodies and our toys. I loved the soothing energy in the dimm lit room, all covered in a hew of red light. The space turned into a palace with soft contours of bodies swaying on the waves of pleasure, rising and falling in their pitched of sounds that filled the room. Whilst some women enjoyed themselves other started to have short breaks eating strawberries and chocolate. After erotic recess every women was offered a group massage. Everyone loved the touch and would have liked more.

We ended the workshop with a closing circle, sharing gratitude for this special occasion of spending deep and insightful moments together. We shared our contacts and aim to meet again in autum on the 26th of August 2022 for an erotic recess session! I am so looking forward to seeing these wonderful women again.

Sending you love and light,


Next Bodysex Workshop is on the 27.+28.08.2022. Book your ticket here.


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