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  • Anna Scheer

We Heal in Circles of Women

Updated: Nov 21, 2022

In my Bodysex® circle in the summer of 2022 three women got together open for deeply connecting to themselves, their bodies and pleasure. A minimum of 10 hours rolled passed us, as if time didn’t exist at all and as we were immersed into exploring self-touch.

If I had sum it up what women bring to my Bodysex® workshops then I would choose the following three words: #Vulnerability, #Courage and #Curiosity.

Most women want to know more about sex with themselves and heal from negative body imprints caused during previous relationships and in childhood. Simple comments sometimes stay with us for years and block the connection to certain bodyparts. If we don’t feel, we can’t be hurt could be a survival strategy.

Parents might have said to remove the hand from the genitalia and pointed out that sexual touch is inappropriate, private and dirty. Partners have dismayed us in a vulnerable situation which felt lonely and shaming.

Most of the roots are failed communication and not enough access to information about sex and relationships.

We live in a world that generally speaking is very insecure about sexuality and sexual expression. There is a lot of talk but very little is actually being said.

We have conversations with our friends about sex and love but do you ever get to share the essence of what rules your world? Talking openly about how you feel in your body? How you feel about your orgasms and what you fantasies are? Sharing your significant story of sex can be a very healing experience.

I started the circle by asking the women in the circle how they felt about their bodies and about their orgasms. The sharing circle is the foundation of the workshop, when every woman reveals her story. I always sit in awe listening these varied worlds opening up straight infront of us as we desire to grow and expand our horizons.

Bodysex supports women in their process of personal growth through sharing information about the female anatomy and it’s impact on the female model of sexual arousal. Betty developed this very compact method, which manages to change women’s relationship to their bodies in only 10 hours.

Bodysex is a refined and direct pathway to move through shame and into pleasure.

The openess with this group was incredible. We were a team from the beginning, joining our forces and creating a wonderful journey throughout this weekend. I guided and facilitated the Bodysex rituals whilst holding the space for everyone to feel safe. The workshop run in an atmosphere of shared compassion, mindfulness and gratefulness.

A friend asked me if I didn’t hate this work. I’m guessing he had mixed feelings and was terrified of sharing pleasure with „strangers“.

My answer was simple. „If I wouldn’t love the work, then I wouldn’t do it. It’s great to bring more orgasms into this world.“ I replied to his question.

His next move was to let me know that he would join the circle, if there were hot chicks. I know, it sounds terrible and definitely incredibly insensitive. Many men have that sort of response to the work. They wish they could be there. Surprise, this work is meant for women. Only women. Inhale it.

If you happen to be a man then I would suggest to try a mens circle or enjoy the fantasy and make the world a more orgasmic world 😂.

Thank you for taking the time to read my blog post.

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