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Build a love connection with your body

Get on a 1-1 retreat with me on the magical island of Tenerife and take layers of shame off with the Bodysex® method

Only 3 spots available, June-August

4 to 6 days of a deeply nurturing experience

Imagine hitting the pause button for a few days. Stopping life noise and coming back to yourself.

A space for

  • Personal growth and self-discovery, building an intimate and loving connection to your body and to your feminine side.

  • Feeling sexy and sexual after menopausia.

  • Taking off layers of shame and re-kindling the relationship to yourself.

  • Taking the time to pause, reflect and think about the journey you are on.

  • Time to celebrate sexuality, intimacy and pleasure without being focused on having orgasms.

  • Feeling like a sex goddess that enjoys giving and receiving pleasure without having any past hurt/trauma that holds yourself back from pleasure and bliss. 

  • Being able to have passionate sex & feeling present

  • Feeling safe, secure and loved.

“I wanted to learn to have pleasure without depending on my husband.

After the retreat I'm feeling so much safer in my body."

Antonia, Germany

You might just need to invest some time off your normal life in the magical island of Tenerife

Visualise yourself swinging your hips, as you dance barefoot in the grass with a boundless view over the ocean, the sun creating a soft flicker on the surface of the water and you listen to the beat of the music mixing with the chirping sounds of the canary birds. It’s the beginning of an incredible day in the North of Tenerife, your skin feels caressed by the warmth of the sun as you take a deep inhale of fresh air scented by the exotic smells and you wonder “Is this real…?”  It’s like making love to life.
You feel aliveness in every inch of your body, discovering yourself anew and deeply connecting to the magic within you.
You will be held, seen and heard like never before by Anna, your guide on this unique one-on-one experience. 
Your “a la carte” retreat is a holistic composition of exquisite activities awakening your senses with the intention to take you home - experiencing your body as your portal to the joy of being alive.

And this is how we’re going to do it:

  • [actual list of things in the program]

  • [actual list of things in the program]


Professionally guided with the Bodysex® method

I am Anna Scheer and trained as a Bodysex® Practitioner certified through the Betty Dodson Foundation by Carlin Ross and Dr. Betty Dodson.

Leading an orgasmic lifestyle means saying "YES!" to yourself and flavouring every days experience by adding ecstatic moments for yourself.

You will learn about the female model of sexual response, be provided with a variety of techniques for self-pleasuring and expand your horizon of sexual fantasies  - all so you can enjoy intense pleasure.

[make it clear that you also get to do all you make them do as that’s a big differentiator]

Check my website if you want to learn more.


Any more questions I didn’t answer on the page?

Check out what one of my latest attendees says below and get in touch.

Anna Scheer ©2024 | check my full website for details

If you reached this point and feel that investing in yourself is the BEST way of connecting back with your power and life, then this offer might work for you.

2800€ for 4 days until 06/30.

3 spots available on this price.

Then it’s going up to 3200€.

Activities and the full experience included, except the flights and accommodation.

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