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  • Anna Scheer

Best sex ever with myself

Updated: Nov 21, 2022

In this blog I’ll share my story of how I got to be my very own best lover, always at hand and giving myself just what I’m looking for. Self-pleasuring is now equisite and totally at a new level. The first hot tip is making sure you make (!) time for pleasuring yourself. Like anything in life, if we don’t make it a priority, than it’s always going to fall under the table.

Stating that I am my own best lover is still totally new to me. This thought popped up a little while ago in a conversation with two friends about female masturbation. I said it and there it was - quite a bold statement - and all of us were suprised by it, me too!

In the last twenty years I would fantasize about a lover I had in my twenties. We studied art together at Dartington College in a little village called Totnes in the south of England. Sam was a New Zealand boy studying music and he was an absolute magician controlling every inch of his body with perfection. He was performing as a musician, dancer, acrobate and moved his body all the time. His body was lean with tender and strong muscles. I devoured his body smells and wished for us to have a future together. I felt he was my man. That part of the story turned out to be a complete illusion but the sex we shared blew me away. We could sway into the perfect rhythm and the movements of his cock where precise and controlled. We would dance inside of each other and roll around in the bed, a free flow of changing position and feeling like two fishes that swim in the sea of lust.

Sam was a lot of fun when he would wrestle me in-midst of intense pleasure and completly change gears to suddendly wrestling each other, pushing my body against the mattress, screaming and laughing like two kids involved in a playground battle. We shared something incredibly innocent, just like kids do.

The sex I so much enjoyed was when we would be in the mission position (i know its not the most exciting one) and maintain a steady pace with his cock deep inside of me and just rocking our pelvis forward and backward. It would take me on a blissful, orgasmic wave and keep me there leverishing the sweet liquor of pleasure and surfing the wave- dip by dip- keeping me in a state of bliss.

So, back to the story why these days I’m my best lover.

Not very long ago, I started masturbating on a regular basis with Betty’s Rock’n’roll technique. All I need is an undisturbed room, feeling warm and cozy, delicate fragance oils and my playlist. I put a towel down not to worry about oil stains on the sheet. Organic almond oil is my favourite lubricant which I tend to use in fast amounts. Most times whilst settling into my self-love ritual my body releases a deep sigh as it softly looses its tension and changes its form into a state of honey flowing into soft space with a silky outer surface. Enjoying the sensation of feeling each antenna on this fast surface which separates me from the outside. Feeling the physical boundary between the space of what seems to be under my control and what is outside of it.

I start by exploring the warm and moist part of my body by stroking my pussy as if it where a cat. I love dipping my finger close to my gate to the insides. It feels magnetic - literally - as if it had a magnetic pull just like a slug that attaches to your fingers. The softness of my labia and its silky wetness gives my whole body a shudder of ecstasy.

I make long, soft, slow strokes over my entire vulva. My legs are bend and are standing by my side. I relax my jaw as another deep sigh takes me into surrendering even more. By now my eyes are shut intensifying each sensation of touch. When a thought crosses my mind I let it go pulling my attention back into my sensation.

This moment is about feeling what feels best and a journey of pure pleasure. I continue stroking my vulva with different strokes that feel good, exploring the soft textures of my vaginal rosebud flaps and rippled inner skin over my „G-spot“. Feeling all the different soft textures and exploring myself with an attentive and loving touch is what heightens my blissful state. I slowly tensen my pelvic floor on my in-breath and relaxing my pelvic muscle on my out-breath. The tensening is as important as a full relaxation on the out-breath. I slowly penetrate my vag with the dildo - a Barbell designed by Betty Dodson. The Barbell is heavy and made from stainless steel. Due to its weight the dildo stays inside the vagina and doesn’t slip out, that way I can let go off it and use my hand to massage my clit.

I love the sensation of my labia and vaginal rosebud nippling on the dildo before it slowly enters my insides. When I want to increase my stimulation then I add the vibrator to stimulate all of my vulva and especially my clit. The vibrations of the vibrator move the blood into the vulva which feels very arousing. Time is endless and I enjoy every yummy sensation.

„Meeting the intensity and moving towards it.“ Betty Dodson

That sentence probably sums up of how to enjoy multiple orgasms. Us women can keep going and going and - yes you got it - going! The first orgasms are sometimes beautiful small waves sweeping over my entire body and as they keep coming they rise in intensity. Each time feels different as it is a mirrow of what wants to be nourished and cheerished inside of me. Meeting myself without expectation is the most beautiful experience of all. No matter how many orgasms I have, if I cry or laugh or scream in pain or delight. It’s a fast spectrum of emotions that arise and want to be felt. Those moments are dedicated to meet myself.

Don’t miss on the little ripples as they are rejuvenating and invigorating your sexual power. If you have a concept of how your orgasms are supposed to feel, look or sound - drop it. Having a picture in mind and trying to achieve or imitate something that looked good is leaving your own experience behind.

Enjoy the ride!

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