Sensual Retreats

 7 Days Women‘s Retreat with Anna

🏝 Los Realejos, Tenerife, Canary Islands

📆 01 - 08 October 2022

💃🏽 6 Spots available

🍑 3 Meals a Day Included

🏡 Single Rooms

999€ per Person

Minus 20% for Canarian Residents
Instalment Payments are Welcome


If you have been craving a get away somewhere warm and beautiful while exploring sensual rituals and taking your journey of selflove to a deeper level then you will love this retreat. A week of practicing selfcare rituals, breath work, dance, yoga and  relaxing in-midst of the astonishing vulcanic landscapes of the canaries. Plus meeting your tribe of like-minded people, a community that shares the pleasures of life. If that is what you are looking then this retreat is for you!


❊ Orgasmic Yoga & Meditation

❆ Vulva Castings

✺ Transformative Art Workshops


✼ Hidden Beaches Excursions


✹ Magical Hiking Tours

❂ Yummy Meals and Snacks


❆ Tolteca Sweat Lodge


❁ Kayak Dolphine Tour

❊ Sharing circles


❂ Organic, local veg & fruits

❊ Antique House from 19th century


❁ Located in an authentic village


✹ Roof Terrace with 360° views

✪ Artists Studio access


✼ Wifi

❂ Hiking paths in front of the house


❊ 15 mins to the beach


✺ Transport to and from the airport


❂ Flights to and from Tenerife

This 7 day retreat is for every woman, who aims at stepping into her sexual power and opening up for the experience of an orgasmic and fulfilled life.

The sensual retreat is especially designed for women to connect to themselves, their bodies and fully move into experiencing pleasure by spending time with what they love most: dancing, yoga, breath-work, sensual rituals and excursions to nature. Simple, practical, concrete practices to calm your body, ease your mind, and open your heart.


The days will be structured as a holistic balance of gentle morning rituals, nourishing and abundant meals, excursions or rest during the warm summery days and self-love rituals in the evening.

This retreat takes place in the sub-tropical lush green surroundings of the northern part of Tenerife, hosted by Anna who is a certified and experienced Self-love & Bodysex® practitioner.

Bodysex® is a process designed to help women understand their bodies and sexuality better to embrace the full capacity of pleasure, women need to understand basic sexual anatomy and create a natural self-care routine to keep the energies flowing. All rituals will be learned and conducted in a safe and consensual environment of compassion and support.

Our Retreat Centre Casa Azul creates a cozy and homely environment.

Casa Azul

Court Yard
Court Yard

Our beloved and colourful court yard

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Little Cave Guestroom
Little Cave Guestroom

Cozy double bedroom with sea and garden view

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Mimi our cat
Mimi our cat

She takes care of everyone‘s needs.

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Court Yard
Court Yard

Our beloved and colourful court yard

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The island of eternal spring


You will be staying in our house on the north coast of the island, with amazing seaview and the sunrise over the Orotava valley. Nearby there are several beaches and natural pools by the ocean. There are private and double shared rooms in the house with a capacity of 6 guests. Our house is a 25o years old gem of antique canarian architecture with seaviews, garden and the option of having breakfast and dinner on the terrace.

Casa Azul is situated in an authentic canarian town overseeing the Orotava valley and all the coastline is away from mass tourism. Nature lovers and hikers can admire the lava rocks in the water, the numerous beaches, historical buildings and the variety of plants. The impressive vegetation, colourful and varied, sweetens the walks for everyone.

During the retreat we‘ll create a family enviroment to discover the jewel hidden within each of us. The house is a cozy, intimate and very homely space that has 3 individual guestrooms and 2 passage rooms with optional double or twin beds, an open salon to relax and for indoor practices, 2 shared bathrooms, an art studio, a magical garden and courtyard and plenty of space.

It‘s INCREDIBLE and I can‘t wait to share it with you.

Message us and we‘ll schedule a call to make sure this is the perfect retreat for you!

Thank you!


The workshops that Anna offers is something that was absolutely missing in this market. Thank you for that...!

Personally it was such a great experience to look at sexuality from a completely different angle and to get to know it in a new way, so to speak, and thereby to come into such a pleasant, peaceful and enriching way of life for my whole life, which I have never felt like this before ...

Johanna Effenberger @johannaeffenberger

I've only watched the wonderful episode on GOOP about Betty Dodson‘s Bodysex Method when I meet Anna. Her soft personality helped me a lot to feel comfortable and get curious about the way I see, feel and experience my body. I truely hope that every women can find this information and have a better understanding of their needs. Anna is a great teacher and the guidelines and explanations she gives are really helpful. I highly recommend her as an expert. I felt safe and comfortable in her workshops. 

Elitsa Ivanova @eliyogatenerifenorte

angelika by wirliebe jacqueline korber41_klein.jpg

I participated in Anna's bodysex workshop and was totally inspired by the great experiences and exciting rituals that we shared in a small and intimate group. The rituals are super inspiring and above all enriching for my own sexuality.
I think bodysex is great! You meet in a circle with other women, sit naked opposite each other and talk openly about sexuality and all the issues that come with being a woman. At first, it is definitely a bit of a thrill to show yourself so intimately and also vulnerably, but since the space for this is held so lovingly and sensitively by Anna, it was completely normal within a short time.
What I also found special is that women of different ages come together. I found myself in the stories of the other women which strengthened our connection of sisterhood even more and made my experience of womanhood feel completely normal.
Anna is unbelievably approachable like a big sister.  By sharing her own story she not only took away my initial shyness but also by demonstrating the rituals and imparting knowledge she gave me a lot of great new inputs for my own sexuality to be more loving and mindful again. I am grateful to her from the bottom of my heart!

Angelika Datzberger


Enjoy our sensual retreats in the north of Tenerife with the perfect climate in the Canary Islands of eternal spring. Included in the retreat is a Bodysex Workshop to enhance your pleasure. At the moment our retreats are only for women and people with vulvas.


The activities range from a composition of indulging selflove rituals, movement and dance sessions, organic and local farmed nutrition for the soul and excursions to the divine and powerful nature on this island. You can share your orgasmic fantasies of what you would love to do. We have many exquisite juicy experiences lined up for your exploration of uncompromised intensive pleasure.


Optional are excursion such as kayaking to be with dolphines and turtles in the open sea. We will make this retreat to be an ecstatic, once in a lifetime experience for you that will enhance your openess to lifes pleasures.