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Your Guide To Self-Exploration

This guide is designed for you to gain basic knowledge about the female sexual anatomy. Every woman can have an orgasms with the right support and education. Right now, this is about making the first steps and learning about your sex organ. Further along you find a guided practice termed as “Vulva Gazing” with the intention for you to lovingly discover the delicate nuances of your vulva in a cozy and well lit space. Don’t miss out on understanding, seeing and feeling every little beautiful part of your unique flower. The diversity of vulvas is infinite and each one is perfect exactly as she is. Integration is a very important asset to this work. I invite you to journal about your experience. I listed a few question for you to reflect on. As you are doing the practice there is a mantra I want to give to you. Do every little step of this journey so it feels best to you. You are the expert of your own body and your pleasure. Do it how it feels best to you! Enjoy your practice!

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