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  • Anna Scheer

Open the Gateway to Pleasure

A Transformative Journey for One

At the beginning of this month July 23 I had a client visit me from New York. Many clients come from NYC because that’s where Betty Dodson lived in her studio flat in which she designed the Bodysex® method.

Our Casa Azul was beautifully arranged for the retreat with the scent of lillies, juicy exotic fruits and locally farmed vegetables all fresh from the local markets. All our retreats include deliciously homemade brunches and dinners served on the roof terrace with views over the coastline and the wide spanning atlantic ocean.

For privacy purposes I will change the client's name to Rebecca.

Connection is what stood out the most in this individual retreat. After Rebecca had settled into her accommodations, where each detail has been meticulously crafted to create an ambiance of comfort and sensuality, we shared a dinner on the roof terrace.

The next day we left the house in the morning to go for a coastal walk nearby. I love to take my guests to the nearby paradisiac places, like this one, my first discovery when I moved here: Mirador Rambla Castro. We walked in the sun along the cliffs and put down our yoga mats and enjoyed a stretch and a meditation feeling the morning rays on our skin.

Schwarzer Sandstrand mit schwarzen Klippen
Rambla Castro Tenerife

Back home we had brunch on the roof terrace with a magnificent view and shade from the umbrella. The concept of time had been changed to suit our pleasure of taking a beautiful walk to enjoy a brunch on the roof after. Time to nourish our bodies with movement, good conversation, fresh ingredients and tasty food.

The Bodysex® sessions are split into a few sessions and in the single retreats it is absolutely possible to make adaptations in the schedule. The first session is all about education and almost every time women will take away new and crucial information about their sex organ and its functionality. Depending on the questions we can take the conversation wherever it's needed most, although there is basic knowledge that is covered in these sessions.

Rebecca was surprised about all the new insights she had during our session, suddenly knowing much more about her body, essential knowledge of how pleasure anatomy works. In our sharing circle we talked about our sex history, our relationship to our body and orgasms. A big part of the retreat is to feel vulnerable and knowing it is a safe space to be guided and explore our most intimate core - our sexuality with ourselves.

The next day we met for the second Bodysex® session exploring sensations through self-touch. I’m so touched about women trusting themselves and their bodies and opening themselves up because they know there is more to pleasure then what they have experienced so far. It’s the knowing that brings them to the pleasure retreats. They know there is a deeper experience of sensing touch and experiencing pleasure. Bodysex® is a practice that teaches self-love as a meditation. Often our schedule is missing a routine and a designated time for making room for pleasure without pressure. We are not taught to make time for ourselves and especially not for our pleasure.

The pleasure retreats are designed for your journey of opening up for experiencing more pleasure in your life. Bodysex® is an essence of a transformational experience healing shame, changing old belief systems and empowering the connection to your bodies and pleasure.

Volcanic cliffs with some cactus in the front of the picture and blue oceam and blue sky with some white clouds in the back
Las Rojas, El Sauzal, Tenerife

On our last day we went for a mesmerizing three hour hike at the National park of Anaga along the coastline. The views of steep sloping mountains, black cliffs and the infinite wideness of the ocean were stunning. Thankfully Tenerife usually comes with a cool breeze that feels soothing on a hot summer's day, walking along the cliffs of Benijo and Las Palmas de Anaga. Walking under the open sky roots the mind in the body and allows integration taking place naturally, whilst being in-midst of the breath-taking and powerful volcanic nature.

Interested, but not sure yet? I offer free consultations.

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You can book your space for our next Women’s Pleasure Retreats on the

29th October - 3rd of November in Tenerife, Spain.


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